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We enable infinite recycling of textiles.

100 million tons of textile waste are generated each year. 

85% of that goes to landfill because there's no way to recycle it today.

We learn from Mother Nature and train her to turn old clothes into new ones.

Just add water, salt, and enzyme.

We are one of the most environmentally-friendly recycling providers available today. We help offset 2.1 tons of CO2 and 11.1 tons of water per ton textile waste treated with our process.

Virgin-quality, recycled manufacturing inputs

From textile waste we valorize raw materials like polyester and cotton that are both sustainable and good-as-new..

Versatile, blend-tolerant recycling process

We specialize in blended textile waste. Our recycling process is distributable and cost-effective.

Superior engineering platform

We provide tailored catalysts for your specific feedstocks and recycling needs. We continually unlock >10-fold efficiency improvements every three weeks for any given context.

Our Team.

We are mission-driven team hellbent on circularizing the plastics lifecycle, starting with textile waste. We are deeply passionate about engineering solutions for sustainability. When we're not in the lab, we camp under the desert stars, sleep on glaciers, and run to our heart's content. Both in the lab and outside, we strive to beat our personal bests.

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Customer Discovery Begins

Nikita leads two teams of MBAs and PhDs in conducting over 100 customer discovery interviews.



Zero to One

Nikita secures a postdoc at Stanford to try and engineer plastic-degrading bacteria.

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