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Nikita wins 2nd place ($25K) in 2021 Pillar VC Pitch Competition


All prizes are grants (dilution-free). Winners receive coaching and mentorship from experienced biotech founders. Pillar VC invests in seed-stage companies, supporting unstoppable founders with capital, connections, coaching, and peer support.


Powered by biology’s incredible capacity for chemical transformation, Huminly aims to tap into plastic waste as a way to replace petroleum as a feedstock for the chemical industry. Over 360 million tons of plastic waste are produced around the world each year, and the overwhelming majority is used once and buried in landfills, representing nearly a trillion dollars in lost value annually. Using the synthetic biology platform we are developing at Stanford University, we are training microorganisms to specialize in the conversion of plastic waste to recover that lost value. In our first phase, we are taking aim at the wastefulness of the fast fashion industry with the goal of giving old clothes new life as brand-new, virgin-grade polyester material.

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